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Oct 19, 2005



Another early bird briefing. This brekfast seminar about blogging and podcasting is arranged by OMD (www.omd.se). Attending are their customers and partners. Nice people!

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Oct 17, 2005



från Richard

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Oct 12, 2005



Guess what? I am doing a demonstration again. This afternoon for an exciting group of people at the "Happy Monkey Bar". We are all invited by Temo (www.temo.se).

Am I the monkey?

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Oct 07, 2005

A1000 as a mouse without buttons

This morning I spotted the Mobile Mouse from Psiloc through My-Symbian's RSS-feed. Mobile Mouse promises to turn your mobile phone/PDA/thing into a Bluetooth mouse. My-Symbian listed it under UIQ. But, as usual they mean for the SonyEricsson PXXX-range. (I wonder how this sounds through Talkr :-). Furthermore, the product info on Psilogic's site talked about XP Service Pack 2 and I have Windows 2000.

Victory the the brave - I thought. Without hesitation I downloaded and installed the demo. Nowadays my Bluetooth dongle (see earlier postings) works perfectly for synchronizations and file transfers. So, the installation worked without problems. Of course Mobile Mouse assumes the PXXX-buttons, which to some degree limits the use on the A1000. Even so, it works in default setup but you can't change anything because the menu is accessed throught the "*"-key. I was able to move the cursor around and left-click the mouse. Another drawback is that I need to manually have my laptop discover the Mobile Mouse each time I start it on the A1000. Might be because I don't understand my Bluetooth driver. Don't know if the same problem applies under XP SP2.

What I cannot understand is why developers, like Psiloc, limit the use to the Sony Ericsson range. I see no reason why it could not be redesigned to work with the A1000. After all, it has game buttons.

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Oct 04, 2005

iPod beats A1000

About a month ago I got an Apple iPod 60Gb (sponsored by Apple Nordic and inLife) as a part in my efforts to help schools discover and explore the possibilities with podcasting. Those of you that understand Swedish can check out my podcast Skolsmart at skolsmart.skolmarknad.info.

An unexpected result is that I have completely stopped using my A1000 as an MP3 player. The iTunes integration with iPods is amazingly user friendly and convenient, in particular when it comes to manage the subscription of podcasts. In addition the larger memory just makes it totally uninteresting to fight with MP3 files on the A1000. The same holds for the audiobooks that I buy from audible.

Finally, after a brief e-mail conversation with Dave from Talkr (who commented my previous post) A1000blog is now totally Talkr-enabled. That is, you may listen to A1000blog as a podcast (feed found under the Talkr icon in the left column) or each individual post via a link in each entry. As far as I can see the only drawback is the female voice. Of course I like women a lot, but I'm a man and want this blog to express that in audio too. Guess a male voice will be added to Talkr's services later on.

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