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Nov 24, 2005

I might abandon the A1000

In less than I month my one year subscription with 3 Sweden ends. In other words I am looking around for alternatives, including the mobile itself.

I still want a touch screen pda model, but don´t feel that I need 3G. For the moment I feel inclined to get a Qtek S9100 (made by HTC and also sold under other brand names, like iJam). The S9100 is slightly thicker, but lighter than the A1000. But the best thing is that it uses a mini-SD card that can be replaced without turning oft the power. I also guess that Windows Mobile 5 is better when it comes to synching. Also, the camera seems better, but far from perfect for a mobile. Another great point is that the S9100 has built in WiFi and in theory can run Skype.

Future will tell how I proceed... In any case, the blog mobile.typepad.com will survive, but perhaps with something new after the /

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I was reading your blog about A1000 a lot ... was very useful trying to get to grips with everything ... thanks for posting it! I used A1000 in the last few months, now I'm playing with 9100 for about a week. I'm not quite sure I'll switch. Here are some quick comparisons:

Shape and size: A1000 wins ... 9100 is shorter but thicker and makes a bigger bump in pockets.

Networking: A1000 wins ... has UMTS, 9100 has WiFi ... which I can't be sure will be available whereever I go. With 9100 I'd need to carry separate UMTS PC card to get some longer mails in and out.

PC connectivity: 9100 wins ... works with a PC out of the box; including Bluetooth, USB cable, infrared. USB cable can be used to charge the device, meaning I carry the notebook's charger only.
PC synchronization: 9100 wins ... everything gets done while you charge it. Files can be synced as well - the device can be used to carry files between office and home computer.

Battery: theoretically it is same mAh (1200) but A1000 is twice the size. Last two days in both cases, but 9100 seems to hurt less from the "data always on mode" - seems GPRS is less power hungry than UMTS. But information on remaining power better on 9100 ... in % not 1,2 or 3 dots.

Usage as a phone: 9100 wins big ... much more intelligent user interface when making calls with a thumb only. One feels safe making a call in the car while driving.

User interface in general: tie ... 9100 allows more to be done without a stylus, symbian has a cleaner interface.
PIM software: A1000 wins - tasks, calendar, even contacts, are better on A1000
Other software: better and fancier on 9100 but do I really need it?

Camera: 9100 wins - at least it takes the picture before it sounds "click".
Text input: 9100 wins - has better recogintion software, more ways to write (it even has a keyboard which is, IMHO a waste of space and grams).
Skype: 9100 wins potentially ... I was able to place some skype calls with the skype version for Windows Mobile 2003; but not usefull right now - lacks stability; not even text messaging works properly. Buy Skype for Symbian is not even announced.
Screen: everything is smaller on 9100; landscape mode is very usefull!
Memory expansions: 9100 wins ... has mini SD port.
In short ... the ideal device would be like 9100, with standard SD card slot, UMTS instead of WiFi, no keyboard and a pocket outlook that would let me color-code my events and display the all-day events properly. And a VGA output would be nice :-)


Posted by: Kartamen Slovenc | Dec 19, 2005 1:24:36 PM

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