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Nov 24, 2005

I might abandon the A1000

In less than I month my one year subscription with 3 Sweden ends. In other words I am looking around for alternatives, including the mobile itself.

I still want a touch screen pda model, but don´t feel that I need 3G. For the moment I feel inclined to get a Qtek S9100 (made by HTC and also sold under other brand names, like iJam). The S9100 is slightly thicker, but lighter than the A1000. But the best thing is that it uses a mini-SD card that can be replaced without turning oft the power. I also guess that Windows Mobile 5 is better when it comes to synching. Also, the camera seems better, but far from perfect for a mobile. Another great point is that the S9100 has built in WiFi and in theory can run Skype.

Future will tell how I proceed... In any case, the blog mobile.typepad.com will survive, but perhaps with something new after the /

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Extreme blog about a mobile

Last weekend when I met with Loïc (at the Swedish Bloggforum 3.0) he told us about Treonauts. If I got it right Andrew (who runs the venture) has made a big success with what started as a blog about a mobile phone/pda not even two years ago. Millions of visitors, a really good stream of advertising revenue and a full fledged (and profitable) Treo shop. All fuelled by Andrews passion for the Treo.

I´m just using the A1000 - for the moment.

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Nov 19, 2005

Loïc Le Meur and me

Loic and me

I challenged Loïc Le Meur (Executive VP & Managing Director of Europe, Six Apart, the Company behind Lifeblog.

Loïc's photo is here

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Nov 09, 2005



Today I meet with people mainly working in the FMCG business (sv. agligvaror). I am talking about blogging, podcasting & the branded life.

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