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Dec 19, 2005

I´ll hold onto the A1000

A couple of postings ago I shared my thoughts about switching to a Qtek 9100. But after som deeper thoughts, research, discussions with users, and the juicy comment from "Kartamen" I have decided to stay with the A1000 (and 3 Sweden) for a while.

The main reason is that Skype does not really work on the 9100, even though Skype has released beta versions for Mobile Windows 5 that in thery could run on slower PDA processors (see a post about that in The Unwired). I think I can survive without 3G, but only if WiFi/Skype is the trade-on. Furthermore, even though the camera is better on the 9100, it is not very good.

Meanwhile I will send my A1000 for guarantee repair. I got a new joypad button in a 3 store, but it fell off after a few hours. And the second game button is not really working well. I will also change the subscription plan because I do not call enough to use up the 600 minutes in my current plan.

Still, I am tempted to move because there are number of podcatchers (podcasting receiver) for Windows Mobile.

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There's only one option as I see it and that's the P990i when it's released in 2-3 monts... Changed mu subscription to 3bomben which I can get out of in 3 months, so I'm going with the provider that offers the P990 first.

Posted by: Johan | Dec 23, 2005 12:01:57 AM

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