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Jan 25, 2006

3 offers Skype

Yesterday 3 Sweden announced a new subscription that includes Skype. On the technical side that means two plans (1Gb or unlimited) data per month (bound for 18 months) and a "Skype kit". The latter includes a traditional phone number, software, headset with a mike and a sum to call for. It seems that you are not supposed to use Skype software in your phone, actually there are to my best knowledge no such 3G models available. Instead you connect through a 3G data card in your computer.

The big point here is that the cell phone operators start realising that WiFi and VOIP affects their business. It will be interesting to see how this affect their business models and market value. My bet is that the former will not drop, but warp down. Mainly because content, the supposed future revenue source, is freely available on the Web. Voice will be a marginal business...

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