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Jan 25, 2006



Today, in Växjö, it is all about e-marketing! Meet the future. They are right here.

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Repaired and upgraded

A little more than a month has passed after I repaired and upgraded my A1000. I wanted the set to be in a nice condition, since I plan to sell it soon. The only real damage was the lost joypad button. The first fix, the store just put a new button in place, worked for less than a day. Then the button was gone again. In the 3 store (Stureplan, Stockholm) the customer service guy said the set had to be handled over to their repair shop. It would take about 24 hours. Well, it took three (3 :-) days. Then the button stayed for about four days until it popped off again. Actually, I find it easier to navigate without the button. The phone just does not look as nice when it is off. One bonus is that I got a new front shell - so the phone shines!

At the time for the repair I asked them to upgrade the software if there was a new version out. Of course I first used the Motorola Desktop Suite (MDS) to make a backup. Took about five minutes to Bluetooth it over to my laptop in the store cafeteria. After the upgrade I was nervous when I restored the backup. First I made sure to select the same language in the phone as in the backup (English). Then I downloaded and installed the most recent version of MDS.

To my pleasure the backup-restore process went rather fine. In sum:

  1. The ringtunes, Phone skin and lock settings were lost (but the tunes was in the phone). I was a rather simple thing to redo the settings.
  2. Now Guru (positioning service) works with the in built GPS, pretty well actually. Tried many times before but never got it to work.
  3. All my installed applications (e.g. Tracker, Stacker) were automatically restored and worked just fine. The Tracker "Web shortcut" function does still not work. The same goes for my attempt to modify the default browser settings on the Home screen. Although the the icons I made are displayed, but the links are to 3:s portal, not where I want to go.
  4. All data (contacts, calendar, mp3-files, downloaded songs, etc) came back and the first sync with Outlooked went smoothly.

Now the phone is as good as new. Well, maybe the battery is loosing its condition a little bit. I am not sure, but it seems that way.

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3 offers Skype

Yesterday 3 Sweden announced a new subscription that includes Skype. On the technical side that means two plans (1Gb or unlimited) data per month (bound for 18 months) and a "Skype kit". The latter includes a traditional phone number, software, headset with a mike and a sum to call for. It seems that you are not supposed to use Skype software in your phone, actually there are to my best knowledge no such 3G models available. Instead you connect through a 3G data card in your computer.

The big point here is that the cell phone operators start realising that WiFi and VOIP affects their business. It will be interesting to see how this affect their business models and market value. My bet is that the former will not drop, but warp down. Mainly because content, the supposed future revenue source, is freely available on the Web. Voice will be a marginal business...

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Sjiombord_map_1My sincere apologies for the long time since my last posting. Been extremely busy with a number of projects, mainly concerning podcasting. A1000blog just had to be on hold. But now I am back - and from the train!

Sitting on the speed train X2000 between Stockholm and Växjö. The map on the image (captured from the trains portal www.sjinternetombord.se) shows where I am (or was a few minutes ago). The connection is through WiFi and the cost is included in my ticket (1:st class, for other charges apply). But the last-minute price for a 1:st class ticket was cheaper than the regular 2:nd class ticket. Pricing is an interesting thing :-)

Tried Skype a few minutes ago. Worked OK, which means not perfect. But at least as good as 2G/3G calls on my A1000. The coverage for Swedish trains is lousy, especially in tunnels...

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