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Jan 25, 2006


Sjiombord_map_1My sincere apologies for the long time since my last posting. Been extremely busy with a number of projects, mainly concerning podcasting. A1000blog just had to be on hold. But now I am back - and from the train!

Sitting on the speed train X2000 between Stockholm and Växjö. The map on the image (captured from the trains portal www.sjinternetombord.se) shows where I am (or was a few minutes ago). The connection is through WiFi and the cost is included in my ticket (1:st class, for other charges apply). But the last-minute price for a 1:st class ticket was cheaper than the regular 2:nd class ticket. Pricing is an interesting thing :-)

Tried Skype a few minutes ago. Worked OK, which means not perfect. But at least as good as 2G/3G calls on my A1000. The coverage for Swedish trains is lousy, especially in tunnels...

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