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Mar 30, 2007

Switched to HTC P3600

Dear subscribers, commenters, and lurkers. It is by now well over a month since I switched to a HTC P3600, also dubbed Triton. The A1000 has served me well, but I wanted  more features. The P3600 offers, after some add-ons, virtually everyting I need. That includes 3G, HSDPA, WiFi, OK camera, an abundance of applications. Basically a lot of the Microsoft stuff sucks, but I can live with that.

I intended to announce my shift here together with an indication of how I would continue to share my mobile experiences. But I have been so busy with other stuff - so I do not know right now. I will be back here whenever I decide on how to continue.

Right now it is most likely that my son Milton (age 12) will inheret the A1000. It has been upgraded in terms of software, and with a new (used) screen because I cracked the old one last summer.

Thank you all for reading, commenting and in other ways contributing to this blog.

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I am considering switching too, but am waiting for Windows Mobile 6.0 to appear on the market. Hopefully it removes some of the worst user interface problems in Windows Mobile 5.0.

Improvements that I am looking for:
- Better user interaction overall, for example text input, contact list operation, camera operation, call lists, sending SMS to multiple recipients, and moving Java apps from "MIDlet Manager" to "Programs"
- Better WAP support
- More user control over WiFi network selection
- Send&Receive from all email accounts in a single operation
- Making better use of the IMAP/POP3 protocols so that message headers are not fetched for previsouly downloaded messages remaining on the server (this is very costly when cheking email from abroad). Symbian does it right.
- Builtin SyncML

I am also looking for specific hardware properties:
+ Touchscreen
+ 3G
+ Class A device (possible to use Internet during a phone call)
(as you might notice the Motorola A1000 is still the only device with this combination of hardware features!)

Posted by: jojje | Apr 1, 2007 12:25:26 PM

Jojje, thanks - your notion on hw properties made me discover a possible cause for I problem I´ve had. First, the P3600 do indeed have touchscreem, 3G and GPS (with the latest ROM update). After some checking I found that I cannot make calls while the P3600 is in HSPDA mode, i.e. calling while surfing/streaming in 3G works fine. This explains while at sometimes people could not call me and why the P3600 simply refused to dialup sometimes. It is because it was in HSPDA mode. I do not know if this is a limitation in hard/software or the operators (3) services.

Posted by: Richard Gatarski | Apr 2, 2007 1:38:56 PM

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