Dec 29, 2004

Preparing for the A1000

Early December I started to search for information about the Motorola A1000.

I wish to thank the many users discussing the phone in various forums (se this blogs sidebar). What I read sounded good, at least it did not convince me not getting my own A1000.

In addition I read some reviews (see sidebar again). Even though the reviews provided additional insights, they tend to be first impressions - not addressing issues that show up after a time.

The week before I made the purchase I went to a 3-store (in Stockholm) with a few questions. But I soon realised I already (without tocuhing the phone) knew more than the staff there (with phones hanging around their necks...).

True, I also checked the information at the 3 web site ( and what Motorola provided ( But the reviews and discussion forums on the Web were more useful.

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Connected with the NEC e616

My previous phone (SE t68) had GPRS and worked will as a modem over the Vodafone network.

The NEC e616 was supposed to be faster, but I never felt that. Unclear if that was because of limitations in the phone or in the 3 network. Friends of mine that was using 3G data services (Vodafone or Telia) with dedicated modem PC-cards were better of.

Furthermore I never managed to send e-mails from my laptop using the e616 as a modem. The SMTP-server never accepted outgoing mails. I tried different settings with different servers but nothing helped. And I never bothered trying to call 3's customer service.

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Moblogging with the NEC e616

During the time I used the NEC e616 I tried out various services with mobile functionality. These included photoblogging (buzznet), audio blogging (audlink) and games/apps installation (mainly from MobileFreakz).

I did also try a number of web based services that I could access from the e616.

All in all I generally liked the new possibilities, even though few of them was dependent on 3G technology (e.g. GPRS did the same job).

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Started with NEC e616

In March 2004 I became a 3G user when I switched from Vodafone (Sweden) to 3 (Sweden) and signed up for a 3Fri 150 subscription.

While I learned a lot and found the e616 useful I was not quite happy. As most 3 users have learned their network was not exactly of a good quality. In short: cheap and shitty. Even so that was OK because I knew that beforehand.

What disappointed me most was the lousy MP3-player in the NEC e616. First of all it could not manage play lists. That is, it could only play one tune at a time. I found a simple playlist editor made by a user. But it was complicated to manage. Furthermore, the volume on the NEC e616 was very low so it was difficult to hear anything in noicy environments.

Around October I decided to give up the e616 when the calendar refused to accept more than 200 entries (stupid). I looked for a better solution and then the Motorola A1000 was released.

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