Jul 19, 2005

Keyboard bug

I think the software upgrade of my A1000 brought a bug in the soft keybord. When I type my blog posts and the text fills the screen the keyboard moves up, which it should to make room for more text. But, at the same time the cursor moves to a, if I recall it right, random place in the written text.

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Dec 30, 2004

Language confusions for media folders

In the manual (i.e. the Swedish one - havent bothered to check other non-English manuals) there are instructions on where to put media files. The instructions use Swedish folder names (e.g. MediaFiler/Ljud), but the A1000 assumes English names (e.g. Media Files/audio) for all folders even though I selected Swedish language when I configured the phone.

Hence, it took me a while and some experimentation before I got the A1000 to play MP3 files. This might be a bug in the phone. If so, I will get problem when the software is updated. On the other hand, it might be a "bug" in the manual.

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