May 04, 2005

3Musik sucked

OK, I'm not the kind of customer 3 Sweden wants (young, extremely focused on music and soap operas). So when I try the entertainment features - and gets disappointment that's my fault.

Yesterday I noted on 3 Swedens mobile portal that they offer "3 Music - with 3 the music is always here and now [my translation]. As usual the headline (Music) does not rhyme with the content (Music videos). And the offer "Free music all summer" does not rhyme with the fine print (max 100 hours and 10 pieces of content per month).

I decided to give it a try. Signing up was easy. Then I tried downloading. I was doing this on the bus (with nothing else to do). The downloads hung up, the phone reacted extremely slow when I tried to abort the download, start other apps, aborting the browser, etc. Finally I rebooted (had to take the battery out). In sum it was a mess. After about an hours experimenting I finally manage to download one piece (turned out to be a video, not the song as I expected). Others probably find that cool, in my view the quality of the video and music sucks compared to MP3.

Then the battery died. Don't know why - background download attempts? When I came home I put the A1000 in the charger. This morning still not charged. It's back in the charger right now, after another "remove battery reboot procedure".

It takes time and guts to try.

(Yesterday, before all of the above, I listened to three podcast shows, made a public demo of moblogging, called some people and checked my diary. That worked fine and felt great. But as soon as I try 3's services - things screw up).

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