Mar 30, 2007

Switched to HTC P3600

Dear subscribers, commenters, and lurkers. It is by now well over a month since I switched to a HTC P3600, also dubbed Triton. The A1000 has served me well, but I wanted  more features. The P3600 offers, after some add-ons, virtually everyting I need. That includes 3G, HSDPA, WiFi, OK camera, an abundance of applications. Basically a lot of the Microsoft stuff sucks, but I can live with that.

I intended to announce my shift here together with an indication of how I would continue to share my mobile experiences. But I have been so busy with other stuff - so I do not know right now. I will be back here whenever I decide on how to continue.

Right now it is most likely that my son Milton (age 12) will inheret the A1000. It has been upgraded in terms of software, and with a new (used) screen because I cracked the old one last summer.

Thank you all for reading, commenting and in other ways contributing to this blog.

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Dec 19, 2005

I´ll hold onto the A1000

A couple of postings ago I shared my thoughts about switching to a Qtek 9100. But after som deeper thoughts, research, discussions with users, and the juicy comment from "Kartamen" I have decided to stay with the A1000 (and 3 Sweden) for a while.

The main reason is that Skype does not really work on the 9100, even though Skype has released beta versions for Mobile Windows 5 that in thery could run on slower PDA processors (see a post about that in The Unwired). I think I can survive without 3G, but only if WiFi/Skype is the trade-on. Furthermore, even though the camera is better on the 9100, it is not very good.

Meanwhile I will send my A1000 for guarantee repair. I got a new joypad button in a 3 store, but it fell off after a few hours. And the second game button is not really working well. I will also change the subscription plan because I do not call enough to use up the 600 minutes in my current plan.

Still, I am tempted to move because there are number of podcatchers (podcasting receiver) for Windows Mobile.

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Nov 24, 2005

I might abandon the A1000

In less than I month my one year subscription with 3 Sweden ends. In other words I am looking around for alternatives, including the mobile itself.

I still want a touch screen pda model, but don´t feel that I need 3G. For the moment I feel inclined to get a Qtek S9100 (made by HTC and also sold under other brand names, like iJam). The S9100 is slightly thicker, but lighter than the A1000. But the best thing is that it uses a mini-SD card that can be replaced without turning oft the power. I also guess that Windows Mobile 5 is better when it comes to synching. Also, the camera seems better, but far from perfect for a mobile. Another great point is that the S9100 has built in WiFi and in theory can run Skype.

Future will tell how I proceed... In any case, the blog will survive, but perhaps with something new after the /

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Jun 23, 2005

M1000 means a closer future

I've pointed at it a number of times - mobile phones (why do we still call them phones?) will do both established cullular communication (e.g. 3G) and wireless communication (e.g. WiFi).

A couple of days ago Motorola and NTT DoCoMo announced that in July they will start shipping the M1000. In addition to DoCoMo´s 3G service called FOMA it knows WiFi. Don't know if that means seamless integration. That is, being able to talk/download and seamlessly switch from 3G to WiFi when useful. In any case it will screw the operators current business model. In any case, it is interesting that NTT takes this steps. There is no better way to manage the future than trying it out.

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Mar 03, 2005

The mean future is here...

Oh, how I wish that the A1000 could use SD memory cards instead of the tiny little TransFlash card stuck under the battery.

Seems I didn't know enough, but WiFi is already here on some mobiles. The only phone I know about that is competetive with the A1000 for my needs is the Qtek S100 (or iMate Jam as it is also called). It is a small, beautiful, PDA-inspired, and three-band (but not 3G) phone that can handle SD memory cards.

In theory (I'm not sure about the different versions of Windows Mobile) three things are required. First, you need a phone like the iMate Jam (SD & Windows Mobile). Second, you need a WiFi card that uses the SD interface (unfortunately replaces the external memory when used). Third, you need Skype's software for the Pocet PC.

But, as I wrote earlier. The A1010 with WiFi and Skype software seems to be on the way...

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Mar 02, 2005

Skype makes it meaner

The other day I wrote about how WiFi-enabled phones (such as the upcoming Motorola A1010) might undermine the operator's business plans (means mean). Last week CCT commented about an agreement between Motorola and Skype (thanks to Markmedia where I picked that up).

It's not hard to imagine what might happen revenue-wise if I (and some of the other billion mobile users) started to make mobile voice calls routed through the Internet instead of using the operators 2/3G networks. Particularly interesting if the terminal (technological term for the phone) has the capacity to decide how to route the call). Not a new thought (reflected in my doctoral dissertation), just getting closer to reality.

Meanwhile (before Skype has done it with Motorola) I've experimented with the Visual Communicator from Sapio. That is a similar P2P service as Skype's, although it uses the GPRS system. Unfortunately there is no version for the Motorola A1000. Instead I tried the application for SonyEricsson Pxxx. It uses the side-buttons to enable talking, which means the voice calling does not work on the A1000 (the buttons are taken up by Motorolas UIQ operating system for other uses, such as turning the speakerphone on).

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Feb 25, 2005

WiFi on the A1010 means mean

A1010wa1000blogIt was interesting to follow how quickly news about the A1010 was spreading around in forums and sites around a month ago. At first I did´nt trust the buzz, mainly because it's so easy to fake a story like that. But after the 3GSM conference the news seems to be true. As of today Rafe at All About Symbian updates his story about the A1010 and provides a link to an interview with a Motorola rep. When I first learned about the A1010, three things caught my attention.

First, it won´t be available until Q4 this year, possibly later. That's  good news for this blog, since it's life  is dependent on how long I have the A1000 (the blog might end up in a museum next year or so :-).

Second, maybe I'm crazy, but the first thing I saw was that the navigation key has grown (see the picture). In a previous post I complained about the slippery key. Fat chance that Motorola saw that, but it's good that they have understood the problem and done something about it. It's going to be interesting to see how many of my hardware related annoyances will spill over to the next generation of A1xxx users.

Finally, and here comes the mean stuff, the A1010 will have WiFi. Whow, will that change how I use the phone at home, and whenever there is a WiFi-spot around! But the real strike will hit the operators. It's easy to imaginate an application that senses when the phone comes into a WiFi are, downloads some music, video, data and sends outboxed stuff that was not time critical. Talking about lost Mbyte revenue for the ops. Ooops. Besides that, voice over ip (e.g. Skype) will also most likely support a change of power back into the hands of the hardware manufacturers (which nowadays are pulled around by the operators). Wonder if the overpaid telco analysts have included that in their estimates of the operator's market value (doubt it, because I've been looking for such signs for many years...)

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