Aug 08, 2005

At last Bluetooth Communication

The important lesson reported in this posting is that the mRouter manager (little icon in the task bar) grabs all com ports it like for synchronization. Therefore, if you want to use the A1000 as a modem you need to de-select the appropriate dial-up port through mRouter. Now, let's look into the long story.

Ever since I bought the A1000 I have tried to use it as a modem, without any luck. I tried both the supplied USB cable as well as the BlueTooth built into my Toshiba Protégé 4000. One problem with the latter is that I cant use WiFi and BlueTooth at the same time. The solution got closer thanks to the swithc to another BlueTooth device.

After some consideration I chose the free Bluetooth dongle when I upgraded the software in my A1000 (see earlier post). You might remember that 3 Sweden alternatively offered a Bluetooth headset, but it was both ugly and had a (short) cable between the ear plug and the reciever. The dongle is the i-Tech Bluetooth v1.1, which I believe is rather outdated, but works. And I'm not even sure if the A1000 can handle later versions.

It took some installation fixes (had to finally remove the drivers for the built-in BlueTooth hardware and re-install the ones for the i-Tech. After I got that up and running I managed to do both a synchronization and some file transfer through the BlueTooth dongle. But, I could not get the modem connection working. Simplify Manager said it could not access the modem (A1000).

While I was experimenting with all the software related to the A1000 (Motorola Desk Top Suite and m-Router, the Simplify Manager, the i-Tech BlueTooth Manager and drivers, as well as the W2K stuff) it suddenly struck me that m-Router could be the bad guy. Took some hours to find that out, but once I released the com port (in my case port 16) from m-Router, then Simplify manager could use it for dial up. By the way, I think the same issue applies to the USB cable, just have not tried it yet.

So, from now on I am only a few clicks away from surfing with my laptop through the A1000. The procedure is click start Simplify Manager and click the icon for my connection through the A1000, and finally two screen clicks on the A1000 to accept the requests from my laptop.

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Mar 07, 2005

Better headphones and cables

Spotted a post submittet by StellaDel in the 3G Forum today. It's a link to PC-mobile, a vendor of accessories. I think I'm gonna buy the retractable charge&sync cable. Perhaps also the 3.5mm plug converter which makes it possible to use any (better) sterea headphone than the Motorola supplies.

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