Mar 29, 2006

Pod2Mob promising danger

I learned yesterday from Adam Curry's Daily Source Code (DSC #361) about Pod2Mob. As it seems Pod2Mob streams podcasts to any cell phone (US providers only) that have downloaded and installed the Pod2Mob. In other words, you have to listen live. In any case it just illustrates how podcasting is embraced by the mobile phone world.

(Whereas it is free for the listerners, the business model is based on advertising. And here comes Adam's point. Pod2Mob illegaly advertises on (or right before) the podcasting episodes. That really upset him. My guess is not only becuase its both illegal and quite unfair, but also since it is a direct competitor of the Podshow Network (which when it is officially released will insert ads after the explicit consent from member podcasters).

My initial reaction was that Pod2Mob does a bad thing with their ad insertion, but their technology idea is really interesting. Then I started to think about when does the advertising context end and when does the content start. Similar thoughts are frequent in the DSC:s comments (also on Currys blog). Have to consider this more...

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Feb 02, 2006

Wireless podcasting

According to cell phones etc. the US carrier Rogers now offer podcast subscription directly to the mobile phone using mobilcast from melodeo. In other words you can bypass the PC as a download central. Which, by the way, you can do with Windows Mobile 5 and any feedreader that runs under that OS. Sure enough it is far away from my grabs. First of all I have a Swedish provider. Then the A1000 is not supported (currently only the Motorola ROKR, Motorola RAZR, Motorola V360, Sony Ericsson W600).

Anyway, we will se more of this, that is direct subscription from the phone.

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Dec 19, 2005

I´ll hold onto the A1000

A couple of postings ago I shared my thoughts about switching to a Qtek 9100. But after som deeper thoughts, research, discussions with users, and the juicy comment from "Kartamen" I have decided to stay with the A1000 (and 3 Sweden) for a while.

The main reason is that Skype does not really work on the 9100, even though Skype has released beta versions for Mobile Windows 5 that in thery could run on slower PDA processors (see a post about that in The Unwired). I think I can survive without 3G, but only if WiFi/Skype is the trade-on. Furthermore, even though the camera is better on the 9100, it is not very good.

Meanwhile I will send my A1000 for guarantee repair. I got a new joypad button in a 3 store, but it fell off after a few hours. And the second game button is not really working well. I will also change the subscription plan because I do not call enough to use up the 600 minutes in my current plan.

Still, I am tempted to move because there are number of podcatchers (podcasting receiver) for Windows Mobile.

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Oct 04, 2005

iPod beats A1000

About a month ago I got an Apple iPod 60Gb (sponsored by Apple Nordic and inLife) as a part in my efforts to help schools discover and explore the possibilities with podcasting. Those of you that understand Swedish can check out my podcast Skolsmart at

An unexpected result is that I have completely stopped using my A1000 as an MP3 player. The iTunes integration with iPods is amazingly user friendly and convenient, in particular when it comes to manage the subscription of podcasts. In addition the larger memory just makes it totally uninteresting to fight with MP3 files on the A1000. The same holds for the audiobooks that I buy from audible.

Finally, after a brief e-mail conversation with Dave from Talkr (who commented my previous post) A1000blog is now totally Talkr-enabled. That is, you may listen to A1000blog as a podcast (feed found under the Talkr icon in the left column) or each individual post via a link in each entry. As far as I can see the only drawback is the female voice. Of course I like women a lot, but I'm a man and want this blog to express that in audio too. Guess a male voice will be added to Talkr's services later on.

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Sep 24, 2005

ALON Audio Recorder, soon on the A1000

ALONsoftware has released their new application ALON Audio Recorder. According to the specs it can record in both MP3 and WAV, save the output on the memory card, and work as a player as well. Even though the product Web page position it for the SonyEricsson P910/P900/P800 I quickly downloaded the demo application. And, of course, it didn´t work on my A1000. Just gave "Error 15".

Another big disappointment, I was hoping to be able record podcasts with the help of their recorder. But, maybe they will do a version for the A1000. I have e-mailed their support and hopefully we will know about their plans. Really quick response, ALON support says "we cannot name the date, but it will be not earlier that the beginning of November".

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Aug 30, 2005

Audible in the A1000

A1000_audible March 18, 1998 I became a customer at Audible. I had learned about their services through Don Peppers (One to One Marketing guru) and decided to give it a try. At that time I needed the Audible portable player for mobile listening (see image). I purchased some content (a couple of books, some HBR articles and other stuff) as well as a couple of players. Sure, I listened to my purchases but stopped bying more after a while. It was too complicated to get content, slowly transfer it over to the player, maintaining the content in the player, etc.

This summer I learned throug Adam Curry's podcast the Daily Source Code that Audible was entering the podcasting scene. It turned out that they made a deal with Apple to be a part of the iTunes catalog/podcatching services. In addition the Audible file format (copy protected proprietary stuff) nowadays is available for AudibleReady (tm) players. These include different models from brands such as Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, and Motorola (the list is rather long). Of course the A1000 is not AudibleReady.

Well, because I wanted to digest Seth Godins latest book All marketers are liars I decided to try getting it as Audible content through iTunes. Sure enough Audible had it, easily ordered and downloaded to my laptop through an iTunes plug-in. The piece is something like 4 hours and 20 minutes. I figured out a way to make it playable in my A1000. Probably not strictly legal, but I have no intention to use the audio book in a fashion that would exceed the copyrights Audible normally grant their customers.

It was a great experience. Both to listen Seth speaking out his book and to do it on my A1000. Yet another valuable use of the A1000. Actually it offered an unexpected advantage over my iRiver 899 MP3-player (which by the way is not AudibleReady either). The A1000 has a time slide for moving around in the audio. With over four hours of audio, browsing is virtually unmanagable on the iRiver.

In sum, I can recommend both the Audible improved services (although I had to strech them a litle bit) and Seths book (which contains many great new angles, in addition to a lot of repetitions and plentiful old thruths in new clothes). Now I am looking forward to listen to both Blink and The tipping point...

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Jul 19, 2005

Duomedia sucks

As noted in my previous post I am moblogging from a scouting camp. Last night ended with a great jamboree for our sub-camp (over 15.000 scouts on the big camp). Right before the entertainment started I shot i vide of the audicence when they did a "wave". Then we sang, watched performances and listened to a brass band. Guess what, I could not record that in MP3.

Becuase I assume that most readers of the camp blog can't play the videos created by the A1000 I did not upload it. And since I can't record any audio I can't upload it.

Feels bad, because audio and video would add two dimensions to the camp blog.

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May 28, 2005

Mobile podcatcher ÷ the stuff

Mobile podcatcher ÷ the stuff

This is the phone, pic taken now, that contains the podcatcher I wrote about yesterday. The premiere podcast can be found at (mp3 0.2 Mb under todays date).

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May 26, 2005

World Premiere: Mobile podcatcher

This Saturday I am participating as a panelist about "Advanced blogging" at Bloggforum 2.0 in Stockholm. During that session there will be a sneak preview of, as far as I know, the first mobile newsreader [update 2005-05-31: I should have specified on a Symbian or Java platform, iPodder lists a few readers for other mobile platforms] that manages enclosures - that is, MP3 files. Through an intelligent use of block-streaming it is also possible to listen to the podcasts before they are fully downloaded. Very cool!

The Java based RSS-reader is developed by the Swedish entreprenuer and technologist Erik Hedenström. More details will follow...

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Half-year, what´s next?

Nokia_user770It's not the A1000. It's not me. But I'ts related to a press release that triggered me to make this post. Soon I have had the A1000 for half a year. I've learned a lot and generally I am happy with my phone/pda/mp3/etc-device.

But, as previosly posted here a number of times, there are a few things that I miss. That means I will switch as soon as another thing also delivers the following:

  • MP3-recording
  • Better PC/Mac-connectivity
  • WiFi support

Podcasting, blogging and feeds are in my view the most interesting phenomena since the Web came alive about 12 years ago (ser the podcasting category in this blog). To listen to podcasts is possible on the A1000, but tedious. I have to catch the casts on my laptop (3G data pricing and slow speed makes it virtually impossible to catch them directly on the A1000). Worse is that I cant produce my podcasts on the A1000, since there is no way to make MP3-recordings.

The next hurdle is to get the podcasts to and from the A1000. I tend to alter between using file transfer in the Motorola A1000 Desktop Suite and moving a 256 Mb Transflash card off and on the A1000. Both procedures take time and effort. Furthermore, the podcatching procedure (I use iPodder, Happy Fish and manual MP3 downloading) cannot be automaticallly synchronized with the A1000.

Nokia_770As I have hinted here before, WiFi is coming to the phones and then things will be really interesting. As an indication of this trend Nokia yesterday announced their new model/platform in the form of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Interestingly enough their new device is currently not a phone! It has WiFi and Bluetooth (but no 2G/3G). It runs a version of Linux (not Symbian or Windows Mobile). On the other hand: "There is a planned launch next year of an operating system upgrade – the Internet Tablet 2006 software addition – that will support additional services, including Internet telephony (VoIP) and Instant Messaging."

Probably good PR, but not a product for me - for mainly four reasons.

  1. I need a mobile phone
  2. It's too big for a palmtop (141 x 79 x 19 mm)
  3. It's too small as a "bigger than palmtop"
  4. It dies after 3 hours (when run on batteries)

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