May 26, 2005

Half-year, what´s next?

Nokia_user770It's not the A1000. It's not me. But I'ts related to a press release that triggered me to make this post. Soon I have had the A1000 for half a year. I've learned a lot and generally I am happy with my phone/pda/mp3/etc-device.

But, as previosly posted here a number of times, there are a few things that I miss. That means I will switch as soon as another thing also delivers the following:

  • MP3-recording
  • Better PC/Mac-connectivity
  • WiFi support

Podcasting, blogging and feeds are in my view the most interesting phenomena since the Web came alive about 12 years ago (ser the podcasting category in this blog). To listen to podcasts is possible on the A1000, but tedious. I have to catch the casts on my laptop (3G data pricing and slow speed makes it virtually impossible to catch them directly on the A1000). Worse is that I cant produce my podcasts on the A1000, since there is no way to make MP3-recordings.

The next hurdle is to get the podcasts to and from the A1000. I tend to alter between using file transfer in the Motorola A1000 Desktop Suite and moving a 256 Mb Transflash card off and on the A1000. Both procedures take time and effort. Furthermore, the podcatching procedure (I use iPodder, Happy Fish and manual MP3 downloading) cannot be automaticallly synchronized with the A1000.

Nokia_770As I have hinted here before, WiFi is coming to the phones and then things will be really interesting. As an indication of this trend Nokia yesterday announced their new model/platform in the form of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Interestingly enough their new device is currently not a phone! It has WiFi and Bluetooth (but no 2G/3G). It runs a version of Linux (not Symbian or Windows Mobile). On the other hand: "There is a planned launch next year of an operating system upgrade – the Internet Tablet 2006 software addition – that will support additional services, including Internet telephony (VoIP) and Instant Messaging."

Probably good PR, but not a product for me - for mainly four reasons.

  1. I need a mobile phone
  2. It's too big for a palmtop (141 x 79 x 19 mm)
  3. It's too small as a "bigger than palmtop"
  4. It dies after 3 hours (when run on batteries)

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