Apr 02, 2005

Updated the Desktop Suite

I purchased a PC-card to my laptop that handles USB 2 (as well as Firewire) because my laptop only did USB 1.0. But my Motorola was not recognized so I decided to update the Motorola Desktop Suite (MDS). It is available as a zip-file from the Motocoder web site. First I unininstalled the version that I had, then installed the new. The new version made my A1000 recognized. In addition I got a handy little shortcut icon for direct access to the C and D drives on the A1000.

But, as forum participants have pointed out, there was not any speed improvement for transferring files, e.g. MP3's. So I am stilled forced to do it the Transflash way. The really annoying thing, though, is what happened when I synched the next time. Becuase I checked the log (which I normally do not do) I found that a deleted calendar item (on the PC) was added from the entry left on the A1000. Furthermore, about six or seven contacts (of about 400) were duplicated.

I read somewhere that Microsoft and Symbian recently made an agreement about exchanging synching secrets - maybe that will make the MDS more useful.

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