Aug 03, 2005

Now moving protected files

Thanks to "Johan" (who told me through a comment) I am now able to backup and move stuff that the provider(s) has protected from such actions. I want to do that for two reasons. First, the internal memory of the A1000 is quickly eaten up by downloaded music and video. Second, whenever the phone is reflashed everyting stored in it vanishes.

Many months ago I purchased Stacker from SymbianWare (although they don't list it on their web site anymore). Following Johan's advice I use Stacker to compress the files in the downloads folder on the C-drive; move the compressed file to the D-drive; decompress it - and viola! True, it is a a lot of work and takes time. But it is worth it for files that I really want. Interestingly enough the decompressed files can be moved from their new folder without the need to compress-recompress.

Unfortunately it took a month before I had the time to try this out. Meanwhile the fifth episode of R Kelly's "Trapped in the closet" disappeared from 3 Swedens musik portal. Makes it sort of useless to have the first four ones, which I do now.

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Jan 13, 2005

Screen lock update

A few days ago I posted a note abot that the screen locks itself during calls, which I found annoying. A commenter wrote that it was an optional feature and could be changed through a setting in the phone app.

Now I have found a use of that feature. If the screen is unlocked during calls and they are made w/o the headset - my ear tends to touch the screen. The result is typically an unwanted hangup.

So, I've learned the hard way to keep the screen locked...

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Jan 04, 2005

Triangle as shortcut

In the 3-branded version of the A1000, hitting the triangle button opens up the Web browser and takes you to the 3 page. Although not very well documented, holding down the same button for over a second makes it function as a short-cut to any installed application. Which one can be defined in the conntrol panel. I set mine to open up the contact book. Quite convenient when making a call.

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Jan 03, 2005

Nailing vs touching

I guess most people start nailing after a while. That is, touch the screen with a nail instead of the stylus. A nail (I use the one on my right-hand) is more convenient and more precise than a finger tip.

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Dec 30, 2004

Charge 'n' Sync

At first I was really annoyed that  the docking station that came with the A1000 only seemed to provide data access to the phone - not any power. I spent maybe an hour in total trying different ways (USB ports on various computers, USB hubs with built in power supplies, etc.) to charge and connect at the same time.

Then I found a thread in UK-Net with a tip. The docking end of the supplied USB cable has a hole for the charging cable. So, if one plugs the charger into the USB cable and then the cable into the docking station it works.

Still, I can´t charge through my laptop - which I consider to be bad design. But I guess there will be better cables on the market later on.

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