Jul 19, 2005

Duomedia sucks

As noted in my previous post I am moblogging from a scouting camp. Last night ended with a great jamboree for our sub-camp (over 15.000 scouts on the big camp). Right before the entertainment started I shot i vide of the audicence when they did a "wave". Then we sang, watched performances and listened to a brass band. Guess what, I could not record that in MP3.

Becuase I assume that most readers of the camp blog can't play the videos created by the A1000 I did not upload it. And since I can't record any audio I can't upload it.

Feels bad, because audio and video would add two dimensions to the camp blog.

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Jan 04, 2005

Grabbing the network

Sometimes I can't get in touch with the network, even though the network indicator is all green. With the NEC 616 I fixed that by turning the phone off and then on again. The A1000 seems to offer a qicker fix. I simply go into aeroplane mode and then back again. Tried that a couple of times - and it works!
Hopefully future system updates will make this tip obsolete.

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Jan 03, 2005

Headset music & calling control

I wish that the send/end button on the headset could be used as a play/pause button when  the MP3 player is in use. And that the same butten, when pressed a little longer, initiated the voice calling function by accepting a voice command after a notifying beep.

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