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I´m a business consultant and academic professional with a spouse, 2 kids and other gadgets.


I started to use mobile phones soon after they arrived on earth.

My first encounter with mobile telecommunication was the car mounted system an Ericsson colleague had in the early 80-ies.

In the early 90-ies I bought my first personal mobile phone (a Motorola NMT handset). Since then I´ve had about 10 different GSM phones, mainly from Ericsson and Nokia. I started using 3G (UMTS) early 2004.

In addition I´ve been carrying around Toshiba laptops (actually the first ones were more movable than lapable) for almost 15 years.

Among my possessions is also a PDA (Toshiba e750) which I mostly use for -GPS navigation.

For some years I have also been using WiFi (and Bluetooth) to stay connected.

I don´t work for any company engaged with mobile technology.

I simply use the stuff for my daily life, my research, my consultancy assignments and my pleasure (and pain).


Marketing, electronic media, computers, gadgets, schooling, kids, social sciences and more.